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Centrally located in Mission Viejo, Orange County, specializes in transformational therapies for adults, couples and teens.  These are effective, research-based therapies that lead to increased vitality, productivity and wellbeing. I aim to get you off the psychologist’s couch (or chair) and moving in the right direction as soon as possible.

Therapy is helpful in many situations. 
My clients come from all walks of life but are often concerned with the following:

Trauma Resolution

Many of us have psychological trauma from our pasts — either from serious chronic stressors (often in childhood) or major life-threatening events. Clients with unresolved trauma often wrestle with panic attacks, depression, relationship instability and/or physical illness. The primary goal of trauma therapy is to process old psychological trauma so it no longer interferes with present-day living.

Performance and Creativity

Many of my clients are engaged in creative or business endeavors that require top performance and quality output. Therapy typically focuses on setting and attaining performance goals as well as increasing flow experiences, clearing away internal obstacles, increasing creativity and boosting overall effectiveness.

Academic and Career Success

Success in school or work comes most easily to those who understand and utilize their personal strengths. Yet, many of us do not have a clear idea of our natural aptitudes, preferences or learning styles. In therapy, we make use of assessments and coaching techniques to identify strengths and create strategies to use them. Clients are often surprised to find they have been working against their aptitudes and are delighted to see how much easier life can be once they have this level of self understanding.

Life Transitions

These clients are knee-deep in change — some desired, some not. Therapy often focuses on adapting to present circumstances, mourning what is lost, and identifying new directions. I work often with young adults needing to sort through possible futures and how to attain them. I also work with clients facing retirement, divorce or other major transitions. If anxiety or depression are present, these are also primary therapeutic targets.

Important Relationships

Relationships are crucial to well-being but can also be the source of stress and disappointment. Couples or family therapy involves developing tolerance for difference, learning to manage and learn from conflict, healing from relationship wounds and enhancing closeness. Family work may also include parent coaching and individual therapy with parents or children.

Emotional Work

It is not unusual to experience periods of anxiety or depression. When mood problems last more than a few weeks, intensify, or seem to be part of a larger psychological disorder, it may be time to see a psychologist. Many therapeutic modalities have been shown to be effective with depression and anxiety, depending on the underlying cause. In some cases it may be beneficial to work in collaboration with a psychiatrist who can prescribe appropriate medication.

How Off the Couch Psychology is different

When you walk into Off the Couch Psychology you will find an environment that calls to your highest self. My practice is geared toward helping clients get in touch with their strengths and lead larger, more interesting and congruent lives. I integrate leading-edge therapies with the best of traditional techniques to provide highly individualized treatment. My expertise includes EMDR therapy, psychodynamic and cognitive strategies, among other techniques. Your therapy will be drawn from a large pool of interventions based on your specific goals, needs and comfort.  You can learn more about Preferred Therapies by CLICKING HERE.


My Invitation to You

Please feel free to call me for a free consultation and to see if my services are right for you.  My office is in downtown Mission Viejo at the corner of La Paz and Margarite Parkway.  This is close to the I-5 freeway and the 73 tollroad.


Dr. Alexa Foster, PSY 18454
949-916-0711(p) 949-916-7772(f)
Orange County Clinical Psychologist and EMDR therapist
27001 La Paz, Ste 336, Mission Viejo, CA 92691





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